Project Description

Customer’s need:

Assembling several pieces that make up a bottle cap.

Filtext solution:

Feasibility and cost studies are carried out to achieve optimal results.

Riveting and spot welding of the 3 metal pieces that make up the external structure of the cap.

Assembly with semiautomatic machine of the outer structure and the interior rubber part bathed in alcohol for better centering and fixing.

Manual placement of customer identification labels on top of the cap.

With a mixture of 2 chemicals, the adhesive is created for the lenses that go above the adhesive label on the top.

Packing in individual plastic bag closed with adhesive tape.

Placement by counting manually in cardboard boxes.

Palletizing and delivery to the customer.

Year: 2011

Filtext Service: Manipulations and Montajes

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Remachado y colocación junta tapón botella vidrio - Filtext