The packaging of chocolate. Particularities and key factors

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The packaging and packaging of chocolate. What is the most important thing to keep in mind? The packaging of chocolate is very important for several reasons that will be explained below. As a result of the global consumption of chocolate and the increase in demand that we have experienced over the last few

How will the BREXIT affect the exports of the industry in Spain?

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What exactly is Brexit? When we talk about Brexit we are referring to the departure of Great Britain from the European Union. In June 2016, the British people decided that England would stop being part of the European Union by holding a referendum, where more than 70% of the English voted. The result

Tips to optimize your industrial packaging processes

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What should you keep in mind to improve your packaging processes? The objective of this post is to highlight a series of measures that you must put in value to improve the industrial packaging processes of your company. With the boom of e-commerce and online stores, the world of "Packaging" increasingly has a

The quality control in your products; something very important that you must do

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What do we mean when we talk about quality control? Quality control is essential in any industrial production chain. It is a set of actions and measures that you must perform on your products, before they go on the market, which will serve to detect possible failures or errors during production. In particular,

The plastic as packaging material. What advantages does it have?

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Plastic packaging. What uses do you have today? Plastic packaging is one of the most widespread options and used by most companies when it comes time to package their products. It has many advantages, and its commercial success is undoubted. It has qualities that make it perfect for packaging or packaging within the

Consumer products within the industry. How are they classified?

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What are consumer products? Consumer products are all those that refer to the goods and services that a person buys or contracts for personal consumption and use. How do we classify consumer products? The most widespread and well-known classification distinguishes products into four different families: Convenience products: are those that

Packaging for the wine sector. What options do we have?

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The aim of this post is to show and outline the guidelines that wine producers should follow when choosing their packaging system. They must take into account aspects such as: content, protection, conservation or the information that the label must bear. The primary packaging material: glass The containers made with this material

The nutritional labeling. What should we consider?

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On what is the nutritional labeling based? When we talk about nutritional labeling, we are looking at all that information regarding the energy value and the nutrients that carry the food: saturated fats, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts ... From December 13, 2016 it is mandatory to include all this information in fortified

Associated Work Cooperative. How are these types of companies formed and operated?

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What is a worker cooperative and how does it work? The functioning and business model of an associated work cooperative is different from the other models that exist in the market. It is a business company with some differences from conventional companies, such as limited or autonomous companies. In cooperatives, all members have

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