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Packaging and product labeling

Are you looking for a company that specializes in the packaging and labeling process? Do you want to develop a packaging innovative and safe for your products? Filtext is the cooperative that I was looking for.

With a 360º integral service, we offer the management of the entire production and management process to obtain the best results with the client.

Packaging or packaging

The packaging, or also known as packaging, is the set of elements that help protect the products and group them temporarily, whether for transport, storage or handling.

Packaging with added value

The first impression is essential to get the customer’s attention and generate their subsequent purchase. In this way, a packaging with added value, different and unique will help to retain the user and encourage the purchase of the product.

How do we achieve it in Filtext?

Over the years, numerous studies have endorsed the importance of packaging in the customer’s purchase process. If you want to get good results, the presentation of the product is a fundamental aspect. It is necessary to elaborate a package that shows the product in a clear and elegant way, while keeping it protected. A packaging that attracts attention in such a competitive market and that, at the same time, report the advantages of the article. It is important o be different and unique, but keep in mind that we must transmit the values ​​that identify the company.

At Filtext, we have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector packagings for our customers.

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Product labeling

One of the most important phases in the production chain of any product is the labeling. It is the moment in which the product with which it will be identified by consumers is endowed with its own identity.

The labeling of products, especially food in most cases, is a vital step in the process of developing a product. The labeling identifies, defines and explains the article to end customers Through the label, the document that contains the information for the sale and commercialization of the product. There are different types of labels according to the objective pursued. In this way, labeling becomes the main communication channel between the manufacturer and the user.

In Filtext we offer this packaging and labeling service, striving to follow the guidelines provided and offer an optimal result both individually and throughout the game.

I want to label my product!

Packaging and labeling process

In Filtext we elaborate the whole process of packaging and labeling to guarantee the best production and result to the client.

  1. The customer gives us the product to be labeled and / or packed. (There is a possibility that Filtext will pick up the product at the client’s house.)
  2. The packaging and labeling process is initiated according to the requirements and needs specified by the client.
  3. In the case of detecting any possible error in the quality of the game that affects most of the products, Filtext offers a detailed report of the situation and possible solutions in this regard, always taking into account the general timmings and their viability.
  4. The product labeled and packed is delivered. The delivery can be done in two ways; either by transporting it to the client’s house or by arranging a collection date with it.

At all times the product will be stored in our facilities with the corresponding security and discretion.

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