Project Description

Customer’s need:

Rehabilitation of obsolete machine for production of stainless steel blender arm.

Filtext solution:

Complete study of mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic rehabilitation of a rotating machine.

Repair of spot welding equipment.

Die cut of one of the parts of the blender arm.

Placement of the plastic part on the circular conveyor belt by the operator.

Place the other 2 pieces each time in the pressing position.

Assembly of the 3 pieces, removal of the finished product and placement of 2 more pieces to continue assembling.

From this an arm of stainless steel blender is obtained for its subsequent polishing and polishing.

Packing in plastic boxes.

Palletizing and shrink wrapping for its corresponding delivery to the client.

Year: 2009

Filtext Service: Manipulations and Montajes

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