What do we mean when we talk about quality control?

Quality control is essential in any industrial production chain. It is a set of actions and measures that you must perform on your products, before they go on the market, which will serve to detect possible failures or errors during production. In particular, you must ensure that these products meet the minimum quality standards required by law.

Based on the results and analyzing them, you can also identify aspects to improve or improve. It is a basic tool to increase the quality offered of each of the products that your company launches into the market.

Product inspection is the basis of quality control

nutritional labeling

On-site product inspections are very important in the quality control process. Check the status of the products before shipping, can avoid many problems in later stages, such as distribution.

It is important to comply with all the quality requirements of each market and the only way to do it is through these controls.

It takes into account aspects such as function, performance, general appearance or dimensions. For all non-food products, the statistical sampling procedure is usually used; that guarantees that these products are a representative sample of those that will be released to the market in later stages

Why perform quality control?

In the first place, it guarantees the quality of the products during the course of all the phases of the production chain. It is key to ensure maximum quality from the beginning of the process and, therefore, is also a guarantee never to pay for defective products. Finally, you will also avoid withdrawals from the market and possible sanctions or damages that directly affect the reputation of your brand.

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